2. Fall/Winter 2022


            Photography by Brooke Ashley Barone

            Clothing modeled by Emilio Velasquez and Vanessa                   Mendez
            For Strike Oil

‘Future is Past’ connects your present impulse to its ancestor and every future iteration in an infinite expression of experience. 
For every action you take there is a replicating mirrored chain that twists and turns back into itself across your lifetime. That same action exists on a continuum shot backwards and forwards across time and space, through the past histories of a hundred billion people and into the future histories of a hundred billion more. A kaleidoscopic vision of connectedness.  We tumble our memories like stones and they sink but they return. As a seashell is generated by minerals of ancient shells so too are we likewise composed.  We move inexorably in a rhythm made of stardust.

As the days melt and twist and tumble us from one place to another, we remember that the seasons next, now, and past are lit all by the same sun-star.  We ebb and flow and as things change, they cycle and revert, an edless stream with only one way ‘round when we zoom all the way out. A scratchy tune repeating with the sticky sweet of twilight and the endless buzz of falling into and out of bed and love and life. We make marks on the world around us in an infinite assembly line of makers and markers and like the ancient North Arabian graffiti at Palmyra says, “This is an inscription that I wrote with my own hand. My hand will wear out but the inscription will remain.”